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We have moved to a better site. Yes we have!!
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Santa Cruzan

Host: Hermana Mayor: Jeanette Paulos 'Adi

550 W Estudillo Ave,

When: Saturday, May 23, 2:00PM

Phone: (510) 909-6619

You and Your Family are cordially invited to attend and participate in our SantaCruzan/ Flores de Mayo in commerating the finding of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena and her son Constantine. The first Roman Christian and Flores de Mayo in honor of our Blessed Virgin Mary as our mediator. We honor her by offering flowers as the sign of our love.

Thank You everyone and God Bless!

Camille CruzAm Paulos
Santa (Reyna) Helena

Brandon Kristian Leyva

Andrew Paulos
Jonathan Paulos Verceles

Please don't forget to call the phone number listed above to RSVP to the event. Thanks so much!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mass for Southern California Tanayans

Hello everyone,
FYI, on Sunday, April 26, 2009, Rev. Fr. Raymond Arre, currently, Parish Priest of the UP Chapel will celebrate a Mass in honor of Tanayans here in Southern California tentatively at the St. Philomena Church in Carson.
Fr. Raymond was born and raised in Tanay. His mother is the late Sening Librea-Arre, daughter of Eutiquio(ka Tikio) and Pisyang Castillo-Librea of Ilaya.He finished his elementary and High School at San Ildefonso College. He was invited to be the commencement speaker at the SIC HS graduation this week.
Everyone is encouraged to attend the mass and meet with him after at the Grand World Buffet Restaurant in Carson for lunch.
I will confirm everything and final details will be posted in my next email ASAP. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach me at (310) 487-1135 or email me at betsogjugo@yahoo.com.
Thank you and see you there.
Betsog Jugo

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pictures from the Tanay Fiesta 2009

At last, at long last....

The pictures are up.
I only have 50 pics up on the slideshow because to have more means the page will load slooowerrr than it has to.
If you want to see the whole lot, text me you email address and i'll send you the link. 3109998383
If you want to order prints, let me or Tito Betsog know and we'll arrange that.

I must apologize for the HUGE delay.
There were a couple of technical difficulties to upload such large files of pictures, but its here now. yay!
I used photobucket.com because it seems that it's one of the most flexible photo hosts out there. Many thanks to them.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and hope to see everyone on the next gathering.
Tito Betsog and I were brainstorming one time and I think a Tanayan Luau for this Summer is a great idea.
We'll coordinate, organize, and etc... and let you know. Hey, we need your feedbacks and suggestions. Is this a good idea? Do you know of a place where and when we can do this Luau thing?

Let us know!! Maraming Salamat po hane'!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Blog from Betsog Jugo

My dear friends and kababayans,
This is just a follow-up on the forthcoming Tanay Fiesta celebration to be held on Sunday, the 18th of Jan 2009.
I know you have not yet gotten over from the exhaustive preparation during the Christmas holidays and now, here comes New Year and then, of course our fiesta! Whew!
But here I am asking for your indulgence to assit me in inviting other Tanayans to attend our Fiesta in LA. This will assure our other kababayans who are not able to go and celebrate fiesta in Tanay, that they too, will enjoy a successful and memorable mini fiesta in LA.
FYI, a Mass in honor of St. Ildefonso will be officiated by Rev. Fr. Felizardo Daganza of St. Benedict Parish Church in Montebello, CA. The Mass will start between 2 & 3 PM at the Normandale Recreational Center, 22400 Halldale Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501.
We will have a Potluck and please arrive on or before 12 noon. I will provide water, cups, paper plates, forks and spoons, napkins,etc. Please bring your sodas, cooked rice aside from your favorite Tanayan dish to share and brag about, huh!
If you have any questions or suggestions, please call me at (310) 487-1135 or email me at Betsogjugo@yahoo.com ASAP.
Thanks and see you on Sunday, the 18th of Jan 2009!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tanayan Fiesta 2009

Ok, so the date is set for the Tanayan Fiesta celebration in Torrance, Ca.
Everyone please come! It'll be fun. Don't forget to bring your kids.
My siblings and my cousins are all there and they're mostly below 25 yrs old so really this gathering is not for the young-at-heart only. Wouldn't you want this Pride for Tanay to carry on to the next generation? Of course you do! SO BRING EVERYONE!

It'll be on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Starts at lunch. Bring your favorite dish to share.
My sister, Kate, would probably bring her new specialty: the BIBINGKA! yay!
Complete with dahon ng saging, hopefully.

There will be a mass in honor of San Ildefonso de Toledo.
More info later.
Oh and there's gonna be a professional photographer to document the event. The pictures will be posted here of course. The photographer is quite impressive. He did one of the Jugo's & Bernabeo's Christmas portrait last year and they all came out beautifully.
Y'all know what this means right? DRESS UP!
You will be on camera and later broadcasted to the rest of the world (thru the Internet). Exciting! you never know, what if you end up becoming artista .. hahah. j/k.

So, I'll see you there. Look for me. I'm the one chasing around a 14 month old baby girl.
I'm excited!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

April blogging...

Hello everyone.

Thank you so much for frequenting this Tanay blogsite for Tanayans here in California. I know this blogspot is not much but we will try our very best to get you informed. This will be my New Year Resolution. talaga po!

I will perhaps need your help in supplying me with news and current information to put in this blog. You can email me at aprilbernabeo@yahoo.com. Send me news, send me pics, send me greetings to your loved ones... i will be posting them on the blog.

Please don't forget to leave your mark on the Guestbook (right above the blogs). If you have any question, you can post it there too.

As you can see, promotions for the Tanayan Fiesta 2009 is up and running. We will be updating this site as information becomes available.

Thank you so much for your attention.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tanay Town Fiesta 2009

Hello my friends,
Please invite everyone to join us in celebrating the feast of St. Ildefonso on Sunday, January 18, 2009 at Normandale Center in Torrance CA from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Bring your favorite dish and share it with your kababayans here in LA.
Hope to see you all at the fiesta! If you have any questions, please call me at (310) 487-1135.
Betsog Jugo

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ellen Mariano re: Tanayan Picnic 2008

From: Ellen Mariano
Through: sicaa_communications@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: [sicaa_communications] 2008 Tanay Summer Picnic in LA

Hello Laarni, Betsog at mga taga Tanay,

Sobra sobrang torture ang ginagawa ninyo sa amin na mga tagamalayo. SOBRA! SOBRA! SOBRA! nakakamiss na masyado ang puntong Tanay na iyan takut takut na pagkain at talaga namang kung ang Cal lang ay parang Baras lang ang layo tingnan n'yo lang kung may matitira, sabagay as Monching said na hindi na siya magpapatubaytubay pa. Mga pagkaing sa imagination ko yata lang matitikman.

How about nanay sending me kare kare. I miss that one too and I know very well when it is our kare kare, I know that there's always your Lola's touch. Huh How I miss her talaga lalo na if we are talking of foods. Talagang walang tatalo sa mga kakaning Tanay. Lalo pa't mga traditional na family food. Hindi lang nakakagutom

very nostalgic pa ang dating sa tenga ko ng mga kwento n'yo. Next year saan ba ang picnic ny'o at mapaghandaan kahit na walang invitation ay susugod ako na ala-Gabriela Silang...the difference and aking kaaway ay pagkain..... ..anyway congratulations sa inyong lahat look what love and friendly atmosphere can do and bring to everyone halos ayaw nang maghiwahiwalay. ....sige until next picnic folks...I'm happy for everyone and for betsog who is always a light bringer when it comes to a big crowd gatherings.. .saludo ako sa 'yo. Tell me your secret power.....
until next news from you folks, thanks for sharing this wonderful piknikan.... sana the same thing will happen sa lahat ng mga taga-tanay anywhere in this world. tanay is Tanay no matter what!!!!!... .


My dear Ms. M,

Salamat ng marami sa iyong very encouraging notes. Definitely kahit walang picnic, you're more than welcome to visit and Ka Eden will cook the famous kare-kare. I may not be able to bring the Ukoy of Ka Berta but we will make sure that you will be happy meeting some, if not all Tanayans, here in Southern California.

The turn out of Tanayan families and friends at the picnic was really beyond my expectations. Laarni did contribute a whole lot to its success by using the Sicaa_communications@yahoogroups.com in drumming up the event. Likewise, Freddie A., who is very innovative and supportive of our goals, encouraged members who are in Southern California to attend the summer picnic.

Kaya, kayong mga taga Tanay na nasa ibang parte ng mundo at kayo ay nagawi dito sa LA, tumawag lang kayo ng kahit sinong naritong taga Tanay at magka-kainan tayo kaagad, no question about it! To get hold of us, please visit us at www.tanaypost.tk and get the phone numbers to call.

Regards to all.


PS. You can also email us through tanay.rizal@yahoo.com

~April Bernabeo

the disappointing...

of course it's disappointing. nakakahinayang po talaga na ang ibang mga taga-Tanay ay nasa malalayong lugar. nakaka-miss syempre na makasama ang ating mga kababayan na malayo sa atin. Ako nga po gusto ko pong umuwi sa Tanay! maybe we'll do that next year.

We had a blast at the picnic but here are some words from our kababayan na hindi nakarating dahil nasa malayong lugar po siya... read on...

Laarni re: Tanayan Picnic 2008

This is great. A segue from Ukoy Festival to Edward de Bono is almost transcendental. But I have my own theory of what happened - the day started great.

There were very few people when Nanay, June and I came in at around 11 am. Ka Berta was already sitted and ready to sizzle her secret ukoy recipe in the big wok, she was originally in the corner where she can have peace and quiet but with a lot of brilliance, Betsog moved her closer to the "mob", the disciplined mob! By 12 pm the long table which was, at one point empty, was heaping with food, drinks and desserts (please see Betsog's litany). At 1 pm, the park was echoing with the words that only Tanayans can relate to- "eh inang-ina po", "lenteka", "ihhh talaga ba", "oooy bangganda mo ngayon", "hindi ka pa rin nagbabago" sagot ay "iiihh talaga ba?" ,"eh kutakutakot baga yan". Betsog had the presence of mind to introduce the " young ones" and the " young once" while the guys saw the basketball court and they were gone.

There was never a time that the attendees were either laughing, eating, dancing, singing or literally, playing around. The kids were all adorable-- from 1 yr. old Kalea to the early teenagers - they were all game and cooperating. Elsie's karaoke rendition of "Crazy" can only be bested by Patsy Cline herself. And talking about music, hey we got "Bulaklak", "Basketbol" and "jumbo Hotdog" to name a few. There goes the Tanay Civilization! Hindi po ako ang pumili ng mga kanta! hahaha. I was positively overwhelmed , the balik-tanaw and there were many of them, my Nanay's highschool classmate was even wearing a Tanay 100 year shirt- as well as bringing their yearbook from almost 60 years ago,amazing! !!! Mr. Frisco Mendez was there, the tennis great of Tanay- Mr. Antuerpia was enjoying himself. It was truly a perfect day for a picnic ... it started great and it ended great until Murphy's law hit me personally- MY CAMERA! I will take your consoling advice Freddie, so now I put my pics into words and I won't stop emailing everyone to email me the pics for my own posterity. Hayan, nakasingaw na ako!!


Ramoncito Castillo re: Tanayan Picnic

* the following was pulled from sicaa_communications@yahoogroups.com

Indeed, it was a successful, fun and memory-filled picnic.

Betsog as usual is an outstanding organizer and host.

Annie's kare-kare is to die-for (that's what I look for as soon as I hit the table and I don't even have to use bagoong). As to the Ka Berta's ukoy. And all I got was the smell at takam. Bestog took the
last one that was probably my share. Sususond hindi na ako magpapa-tumpik tumpik pa. When I approached the table, apat na ang nakita kong luto – hindi pa ako kumuha.

Overall, it was a Fiesta, picnic, Christmas party and food-binge galore rolled into one. There was so many food that I was afraid ang dala naming empanada and turon ay mai-snob. Well, it's a matter of strategy it turned out. I just placed the turon near the bibingka para pareho silang hindi malulungkot.

The games were fun. The adult game was a bit disappointing. Not because I lost – and humiliatingly early on the game. But because silang lahat ay naging masamang halimbawa sa mga kabataang nanunuod. Sobrang bangdadaya.

The children games were a lot more enjoyable. They are so cute in their dances on the statue and trip-to-Jerusalem games. They are so serious competing na meron pang umiyak. But it's kind of sad too since I would have preferred that they'll be playing our typical Tanay childhood games like: pasihan, taguan (may yapusan at halikan pa sa likod ng punong saging), joe-pilipit. And I had there been more time at sufficient lupa, I would have taught these children how to make plato at palayok using pee (hindig masyadong kadiri pag English ano?).

It was also a time of reunion with SICAAN's too. As usual, nag-hug and kisses sa mga dating crush (modern term: jerk) this time without the danger na mapapa-pulis.

These will remain unnamed since I might embarrass them. There were the usual heartthrob nuong high school pero off-limits kasi teacher ang mom niya. And then there were discovery na favorite pala ako ng
crush ko sa cathechism class niya that she was then teaching. Siya ay crush ko naman nuon na hindi kayang abutin (high school na siya at ako naman ay naka-short pants pa sa elementary). And she's is now as
pretty as before. Everyone say: Uuuuuuyyyyy!

And finally, it was a sad parting with promises of seeing each other again. Fiesta ba?

P.S. – Freddie – Thank you for your best wishes for the success of this gathering. And also for your admirable efforts and success in establishing these electronic SICAA reunion and connection site.

Regards to all,

--- In sicaa_communication s@yahoogroups. com, "mc_sicaa" wrote:

mon, hats off to you. from me and edward de bono*
- freddie

*edward de bono is may favorite author with great ideas on lateral thinking and conflict management. he comes to mind because of his unique proposal in the arab-israeli war when as adviser to the british he reckoned that the conflict was due to low levels of zinc in the diet of people involved who eat unleavened bread, a known side effect of which is aggression. he proposed the use of marmite jars and wares to compensate. in ur case its kare-kare and ukoy..the rest is now history. cheers !

Betsog re: Tanayan Picnic 2008

*the following blog was pulled from sicaa_communication@yahoogroups.com
*message from Betsog Jugo to Freddie Alfonso

Hi Freddie,
Thank you so much for giving us the chance and the opportunity to communicate effectively to our kababayans, not only here in Southern California but anywhere a true-blooded Tanayan resides, thru sicaa_communications@yahoogroups.com.
The Tanay Summer Picnic was a huge success, which was really beyond my expectations. We had a very good turn-out. We did have lots of food, happy and smiling faces, exuberant moods and lots of fun. Tanayans who studied at the Sierra Madre Institute, Morong Hi, Pasig High, Ilaya Elem.School, Tabing Dagat Elem., Labas ng Bayan Elem, Wawa Elem, and of course our SIC, from kindergarten to college departments, were all in one group when put together by the magic word "Tanay." I don't know what it is, but even old folks came together and danced the musical chairs with the Tanayan kids, either born here or in Tanay, or whose families/parents simply rooted up from Tanay!
Napakasaya ng lahat and to prove it, kahit nagkadeperensiya pa ang camera ni Laarni to show off the prints, people stayed longer and wanted more fun. No one seemed to want to leave the park. I watched the reactions of everybody who attended the Tanay Summer Picnic, especially those who have never done it before, and they were all excited to see a lot of young and old Tanayans having fun together.
I will try to send you some photos taken by those who took pictures during the picnic. Talagang number one ang ukoy ni Ka Berta, at lahat ng Tanay Especialties ay parang walang katapusan ang dating tulad ng goto at tokwa't baboy, kare-kare, dinuguan at puto, ibat-ibang klaseng pancit, menudo, maja, kutchinta, sapin-sapin, sinukmani, samalamig na sago at gulaman, manga with bagoong, leche flan, ginataang puso ng saging, sweet and sour fish, chicken curry, bibingka, lumpia, spagehetti, beefsteak, buko pandan, iba't ibang klaseng prutas, sinaing na tulingan, fritters or turon, crema de fruta, fried chicken, pizzas, bottomless na sari-saring inumin i.e. sodas, kape, tekla tea at bottled water, chicken enchiladas, brazo de mercedes, fresh doughnuts, bagels with cream cheese, empanadas, chips & dips, atbp. Cooked rice ran out so quickly, I asked the Bernabeos, whose house was closest to the park, to cook some more rice.
Pinasaya pa lalo ang picnic ng music at awitin nina DJ Mar Manalo at Elsie Adia.
Napakarami kung babanggitin ang pangalan ng lahat ng dumalo and I don't want to miss anybody so wait for the photos and I will post them at the SICAA_commincations@ yahoogroups.com and at the www.tanaypost.tk soon.
With kindest regards,


Hello everyone!

I do apologize for the delay in posting these blogs regarding the "TANAYAN PICNIC". My baby Angel was a little bit more needy this week and my allergies were relentless but here I am again...

The PICNIC was crazy fun! It was a huge success. Dolphin Park had never seen so many Tanayans in one spot. Tanayans were sprawled all over the place. On the grass, the ground, the chairs, under the food tent (actually people hung out near the food more than anything else). Some were under the sun, trying to get a tan (yup!), the young ones and some young-at-heart were at the basketball court, burning off the calories from all the food they ate... hehehe... The ukoy was fantastic. My 10 month old baby ate a whole ukoy. Baka raw masamid but nope! she loved it! Thanks grandma Berta!!

Anyway, I will be posting more blogs from other Tanayans here... as you might know, or about to find out,,, if you are subscribed to sicaa_communications@yahoogroups.com, you will be reading and getting emails regarding the "happenings" of Tanayans here, there and everywhere.

Enough blah from me... here's Tito Betsog's blog, followed by Ka Mon's and then by Ka Laarni's.

Check back often. I'll be posting the pictures! By the way, if you were there at the picnic, and you have something to say, or have more pictures, please send them to me at tanay.rizal@yahoo.com

Maraming salamat po!
~April Bernabeo

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Summer Picnic Slideshow

Click the pic below to start the slideshow!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here's an update of the menu:

(1) Ginataang puso ng saging or langka;
(4) # 8; i.e. sodas, water & ice
(3) kanin
(1) pancit
(1) chicken curry
(2) Menudo
(1) BBQ
(6) Various desserts; yehey!
(1) gulay,
and plenty of kahit ano ang madala!(surprise) sabi ng Elsie Adia at iba pang kababyan natin.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Okay, so we're here again...
Whoohoo! Picnic! Lots of food. UKOY pa nga po!
Please save the date and make it a point to be there.
It'll be lots of fun...
Bring tennis rackets, basketball... even water balloons.
Don't forget to bring you banig para masaya ang kwentuhan sa damuhan!

Read Tito Betsog's Blog:

My dear friends,

As I have mentioned earlier, it will be potluck and I suggest you bring your favorite Tanayan dish or something that will be able to complement the "Ukoy Festival" theme. However, as suggested by our friend Lito Inarda of San Diego, I should come up with a list of possible menus or items needed for the picnic.

This morning, Laarni Garcia-Omingo of Century 21 (anak na matalino ni Ka Eden Garcia) offered to prepare the fritters (turon) or maruya to be cooked at the picnic site. Yong palang maruya ay yong tinatawag sa Ilaya na Maduya na niluluto ni ka Gemina. At any rate, here are my suggestions, however, it's all up to you:

a) Ka Berta's Ukoy (definitely; she concurred and will be coming to cook the ukoy,provided I could find a big stove and tulyasi where she can fry 'em all.

b) And of course, Laarni Omingo agreed to cook the fritters or maruya at the picnic site.

c) I will have Malaya Cautivo cook the goto with tokwa't baboy.

d) Here is the continiuation of the "Wish List" for the picnic menus:





Please let me know kung may suggestions pa kayo and kung ano ang napili ninyong i-prepare at dalhin sa picnic.

For example, I picked # 9, so please do not worry about them anymore. I'll have them ready when we get to the picnic.

I will appreciate if you will let Lito, April, Laarni or me know what you intend to bring to our
picnic so we can at least coordinate the menus together.
If you have any questions, please call anyone of us.
Lito Inarda (619) 316-1935
Laarni Omingo (714) 856-1761
April Bernabeo (310) 999-8383
Betsog Jugo (310) 487-1135

Thank you for your cooperation and participation.



Yup! More info to come regarding the menu. Check back often!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Hi Everyone,
Greetings to all of you! Summer is almost gone but that will not preclude us from getting together once more and enjoy the Ukoy ni Ka Berta or samalamig with sago and gulaman in the park.
I received suggestions to hold the picnic here in LA this time but what about the Ukoy ni Ka Berta? We should have a Potluck again but I suggest we set aside some funds for Ka Berta's Ukoy. It's no joke to prepare that whole lot of Ukoy for everyone, so, to compensate for the efforts and ingredients, will it be okay to contribute an extra dollar or two for all you can eat Ukoy during the picnic? Please let me know.
Here is the schedule of the upcoming events:
a) Saturday, Agusut 16, 2008 - Memorial Mass and Luncheon
The Yujuico Family is inviting everyone to a Memorial Mass in honor of their mother, Mrs. Belen Yujuico ( a very active member of the Tanay Association before her passing).

Here's the message from Charisma Golez daughter of Gilda Yujuico Golez:

"Hello! My mom has asked me to provide you with information for Grandma Belen's memorial mass.
Saturday, August 16th
Mass will be at 12:00PM and lunch to follow
Holy Family Parish Hall
18708 S. Clarkdale Ave.
Artesia, CA 90701
(562) 865-2185
Hall is located in main parking lot near school.
If you have any questions, you may contact me at (562) 618-2537
b) Saturday, September 20, 2008 - The Ukoy Festival
The Tanay Association of Southern California will hold its annual get-together on Saturday, September 20, 2008 somewhere in LA for a summer picnic. Details to follow soon. Please email me back for suggestions and most importantly, your confirmation to be present. Right now we are looking to reserve an outdoor spot at the Dolphin Park in Carson, CA... this is still tentative though.. more info to come!
c) Saturday, February 14, 2009 - Valentine's Party
Your opinions, suggestions and concerns regarding the first ever Valentine's Party of Tanayans in Southern California will be highly appreciated. Initially, a dinner dance in a hotel in Long Beach or any other venue was suggested. Cost should not be more than $40 per person which includes food and beverages, DJ music and all other incidental expenses excluding photographer and DI's fees for the night. We encourage Tanayans to invite friends and relatives with their loved ones to attend the dinner-dance on Valentine's evening.
I will appreciate if you will pass the info bulletin around to all Tanayans in Southern California. Please tell everyone to visit our blogsite at www.tanaypost.tk for more information.
Regards to all.
Betsog Jugo

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Re: Mrs Catuira

On Sun, 16 Mar 2008 22:52:52 -0700,
einarda@cox.net wrote to everyone:

On behalf of all my sisters and brothers, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your thoughts and prayers during our time of sorrow.
God bless,
Jeannette and family

Monday, March 3, 2008

Obituary for Mrs. Victoria Catuira

Mrs. Victoria Catuira
of San Diego, CA and Tanay Rizal,
Widow of Jason Catuira (Jack)

Mrs. Victoria Catuira, loving mother of Jeanette Catuira (wife of Lito Inarda) of San Diego, passed away today, March 2, 2008 at 3 am at the Philippine General Hospital in Manila. She died due to pneumonia and liver complications. According to Lito, funeral arrangements have not been made as of this writing, however, we will be advised accordingly. Most likely, her body will be buried next to her husband's grave in the Tanay Catholic Cemetery.

Let us offer a prayer for the repose of her soul. We offer our sympathies and prayers to her entire family headed by Jeanette Inarda.

Mrs. Catuira, as she was known by her students, was a high school Pilipino Teacher at San Ildefonso College for a long time prior to her immigrating to the US. Ka Toyang, as fondly called by many of us here in the US and Tanay will deeply miss her.

On behalf of all Tanayans in Southern California, to Jeanette and family, our condolences and prayers are with you during these hard and grieving times.

Betsog Jugo

Our appreciation for your thought in informing us. We all feel the kind, soft spoken caring and warm smiles of Ma'm Catuira, the angel of a Mommy of Astred, my Batchmate, her brothers and sisters Jeannette, Joseph, Elmer, Haydee, Jayson Jr. and other younger ones. We will do what it takes to remember her and extend our sincere condolences to her family including Jeannette's hubby Lito Inarda.

I also just received a text from Nennete Arroyo-Gaspar about it.

Regards to all,

Alfredo "Freddie" Alfonso

Hi Freddie,
FYI! Mrs. Catuira being a current resident of San Diego is well loved here not just because she is the mother of Jeanette Catuira (class 69 and married to Lito Inarda ) but she was also the Pilipino Teacher in SIC during our time.

Betsog Jugo

--- In sicaa_communications@yahoogroups.com, "Alfred"

Liturgy for Mrs. Victoria Catuira, retired S.I.C. Teacher

Mother of Eight SICAAns, and Mentor to Hundreds of us, Ma'm "Toyang" Catuira will be laid to rest on March 5,2008 , Wednesday, leaving their Family Home along Catambay St., Tanay, Rizal at 1:00 p.m. for a Liturgical Mass at the Parish Church of San Ildefonso de Toledo, then proceeding to the Tanay Catholic Cemetery for her Final Interment.

"Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", "Good Evening", "Good Night" and "Good Bye" Ma'm. SICAAns will never forget you!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tanay Fiesta 2008

The Tanay Fiesta was a big success!

The mass at 4:00pm was officiated by Fr. Henry Fernando of Mary Star of the Sea Church in San Pedro. Thank you Fr. Henry for taking your time out of your busy schedule.

Dinner was excellent and fulfilling. Thanks to Edna's Restaurant.

Thank you to those who sponsored the raffle prizes:
-Edna's Restaurant(3)
-World Buffet(5)
-Jenny's Cakes and Pastries(3)
-Tambuli Store($20 Gift Certificate)

Congratulations to the Raffle winners, amongst the many:
-Ludy Gamo (Jenny's)
-Elsie Adia (World Buffet)
-Fe Rama (Edna's)
-Antuerpia Family (2x World Buffet) and lechon (ulo lang :)
-Yujuico Family (World Buffet and Edna's)
-Eden Garcia (Tambuli)
-Toto Celles (World Buffet)
-Marlyn Bernabeo (World buffet)
-Berting Timtiman (Jenny's)

Special thanks to those who helped (not in order):
-Malaya, Marlyn & Boboy, April, Marc, Poch & Kate
-Rhea and Toto Celles,
-Elsie for the table cloths and coffee,
-Divine and Chit with Rhea for running the kitchen and and made sure everyone had food to-go as baon,
-and of course,Logie Sacramento for chopping the lechon.
-Mar and Sonnet Manalo for the music and support (now and forever)
-Michelle Crisologo for the special song numbers
-Laarni Domingo, Tina Balaguer, Fe Rama, Dr.Edith Uy-Yap for their donations
-Helen, Abel & Amy Tica for the delicious "food for the gods" give-aways
-And the county of LA for the banderitas c/o Rhea Celles.
-and the list goes on...

Syempre po, THANKS to those who traveled near and far:
-San Diego
-Chino Hills
-West Covina
-Orange County
-Santa Clarita

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